Wednesday , 24 April 2024
Start News world Today the Serie C group stage is completed in Tijuana

Today the Serie C group stage is completed in Tijuana

Uruguay and Mexico in key A, Paraguay and the USA in B, Colombia virtually in C, Morocco and Brazil in D, are those classified for the quarterfinals of the XIII World Indoor Soccer Championship, stage scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday. Before today, the development of key C will be completed, in what becomes the fourth day of the event.

Results of date 3, completed last night
In Tijuana
Brazil 3 Chile 1

In Tecate
Mexico 12 Bolivia 2
Paraguay 8 Australia 0
Uruguay 8 Canada 4

This Friday – In Tijuana, Group C is defined:
10:00 am: Colombia – Peru

12:00 p.m.: France – Catalonia


1st Uruguay 6
2nd Mexico 3
3rd Canada 3
4th Bolivia 0
1st Paraguay 6
2nd USA 4
3rd Australia 2
4th Venezuela 0
1st Colombia 4
2nd Catalonia 2
3rd Peru 2
4th France 0
1st Morocco 6
2nd Brazil 4
3rd Chile 2
4th India 0

Host team that on the third date guaranteed its advance with a victory, after an initial draw and defeat

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