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The group stage closes in Tijuana and Tecate

The group stage of the XIII World Indoor Soccer Championship closes this Thursday, with several teams that have already guaranteed their access to the next quarterfinal stage. Today's results, while defining the positions in each of the series, will establish the crossroads for the next stage, already the round of death as it is known, since the losers will be eliminated.
The matches for today are these:
In Tijuana, Catalonia vs. France, Colombia vs. Peru and Brazil vs. Chili.
In Tecate, Mexico vs. Bolivia, Canada vs. Uruguay and Paraguay vs. Australia.
On matchday 2, held yesterday, these were the markers:
In Tijuana, Colombia 6 Catalonia 0, Morocco 6 Chile 1 and France 3 Peru 8.
In Tecate: Paraguay 11 USA 2, Uruguay 9 Bolivia 2 and Mexico 2 Canada 2 (the Canadians equalized 26 seconds into the epilogue).


1st Uruguay 4
2nd Canada 3
3rd Mexico 1
4th Bolivia 0

1st Paraguay 4
2nd USA 2
3rd Australia 2
4th Venezuela 0

1st Colombia 4
2nd Catalonia 2
3rd Peru 2
4th France 0

1st Morocco 4
2nd Chile 2
3rd Brazil 2
4th India 0

In the graph, Morocco, revelation of the tournament, early winner of Group D, as today the two points are credited against the absent India. The US will also defeat Venezuela by WO.

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