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Start News world AMF confirms indoor soccer World Cup starting November 28 in Mexico.

AMF confirms indoor soccer World Cup starting November 28 in Mexico.

Authorities of the World Indoor Soccer Association, the Mexican Federation and the official governing body of sports in Baja California, Mexico, signed the definitive agreement confirming the organization of the thirteenth ecumenical competition in Baja California, starting next November 28 with headquarters in the city of Tijuana, border with the United States.

The event that will feature Full support from the government of the reference Mexican region will extend until December 4.

The international leader of Uruguayan nationality Mario Giménez, also head of the South American Confederation, personally in Tijuana carried out the final negotiations to close and sign the agreements, having signed the commitment as the highest official authority of the sport in Baja California, the historic former world champion of boxing Erik “El Terrible” Morales, the first boxer in history to win world belts in four different categories.

Morales has been elected as the new head of the Institute of Sports and Physical Culture of Baja California (INDE BC), serving since March 13 of this year.

There will be 16 participating countries and two cities will host the disputes, which will be confirmed between these three candidates: Tijuana, Rosarito and Tecate.

The organizational chart is as follows:

Monday, November 27 – arrival of the delegations

Tuesday 28, Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 – group stage dispute

Friday 1 – rest and transfer to main headquarters

Saturday 2 – quarterfinals

Sunday 3 – semi-finals

Monday 4 – end

Tuesday 5 – return of the delegations

File photo: Paraguayan National Team Runners-up in the last World Cup in Belarus.

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