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Start News world Mexico receives the Thirteenth World Cup from this Tuesday the 28th

Mexico receives the Thirteenth World Cup from this Tuesday the 28th

This Tuesday, November 28, the XIII World Indoor Soccer Championship will begin simultaneously at both headquarters of the Tijuana High Performance Sports Center and the Tecate Municipal Gymnasium with the participation of 16 finalist teams.

After 4 years, a World Cup is being held again. In 2019, the last event was held in five cities in the province of Misiones, Argentina, in which Argentina won the title, beating Paraguay.

This is how the teams were distributed in the four series:

A: Mexico, Canada, Uruguay and Bolivia

B: Paraguay, USA, Venezuela and Australia

C: Colombia, Catalonia, France and Peru

D: Brazil, India, Morocco and Chile

These are the matches that are scheduled for the first date:

In Tijuana

11:00 am: India vs. Chili

1:00 p.m.: Brazil vs. Morocco

3:00 p.m.: Catalonia vs. Peru

5:00 p.m.: Colombia vs. France

In Tecate

3:00 p.m.: USA vs. Australia

5:00 p.m.: Paraguay vs. Venezuela

7:00 p.m.: Canada vs. Bolivia

9:00 p.m.: Mexico vs. Uruguay


The indoor soccer World Cups at the adult level have been held since 1982, when the first edition was held at the Ibirapuera in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, which was won by the local team, in the final against Paraguay by one goal. steel.

These were the champions of the twelve editions already held:

1982 Brazil, in Sao Paulo, Brazil

1985 Brazil, in Madrid, Spain

1988 Paraguay, in Melbourne, Australia

1991 Portugal, in Milan, Italy

1994 Argentina, in Misiones, Argentina

1997 Venezuela, in the Federal District, Mexico

2000 Colombia, in La Paz, Bolivia

2003 Paraguay, in Asunción, Paraguay

2007 Paraguay, in Mendoza, Argentina

2011 Colombia, in Bogotá, Colombia

2015 Colombia, in Minsk, Belarus,

2019 Argentina, in Misiones, Argentina

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