Sunday , 16 June 2024
Start News world Paraguay and Uruguay will fight today for the World Cup title

Paraguay and Uruguay will fight today for the World Cup title

The teams of Paraguay and Uruguay will compete tonight for the title of the XIII World Indoor Soccer Championship, in an unprecedented final, after emerging victorious in the semifinal match held this Sunday.

First thing in the morning, Paraguay beat Morocco 3-0 in a match that did not complete its development due to the withdrawal of the African team.

Diego Benitez scored at 6'34” and 16'40” and Diego Flores at 18'42”.
In the second hour in a fierce fight that extended until sudden death on penalties, Uruguay with great determination and heart eliminated Colombia. The match ended tied 3-3 and on penalties the Celeste won 1-0.

Catardo opened the account for Uruguay and Colombia tied with Duvan Ramirez from a penalty. The partial was 1 to 1.
The Celeste went ahead again after the break but with a double, Julian Porras took his squad to the door of victory until forty seconds before the epilogue, Gentil got the tie and they went to overtime

In the penalties (three shots per side), the only one who scored was the Uruguayan Catardo, Gentil and Ordochi missing. The three Colombian performers failed. Uruguayan goalkeeper Gaitán saved the first one from Rentería and then Ramirez and Orjuela shot outside.

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