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Start News world Paraguay achieved its fourth world crown in Tecate

Paraguay achieved its fourth world crown in Tecate

The Paraguayan indoor soccer team became the most successful in the history of the discipline's World Cups by defeating its counterpart from Uruguay 6 to 1 in the Mexico 2023 final.

The extraordinary wear and tear suffered by the light blue team in Sunday's semifinal game when it defeated Colombia in a penalty shootout, was felt in the second half when the red-and-white squad violated its citadel repeatedly, after a minimal lead at the end of the first half. .

Daniel Benitez with a hat trick, Rolando Ascona, Hector Helman and Alejandro Nuñez scored for the Guarani squad. The Uruguayan discount was from Samuel Suarez.
Catalan judges Samuel Serrano and Fred Gonzalez directed

1982 Brazil, in Sao Paulo, Brazil
1985 Brazil, in Madrid, Spain
1988 Paraguay, in Melbourne, Australia
1991 Portugal, in Milan, Italy
1994 Argentina, in Misiones, Argentina
1997 Venezuela, in the Federal District, Mexico
2000 Colombia, in La Paz, Bolivia
2003 Paraguay, in Asunción, Paraguay
2007 Paraguay, in Mendoza, Argentina
2011 Colombia, in Bogotá, Colombia
2015 Colombia, in Minsk, Belarus,
2019 Argentina, in Misiones, Argentina
2023 Paraguay, in Tecate, Mexico

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